In-House Test Reports

We provide free plating thickness reports and precious metals reports with our in-house Fischer XRF precious metal testing machine. You can be rest assured that our products are in 925 sterling silver, and meet the plating standards requested.

External Test Reports

If you need certified testing reports, we coordinate this whole process for you for free, from filling application forms, delivering samples for testing, to sending official test reports to you. All you have to do is let us know which samples requires which testing applications. Most common tests are for lead, nickel and cadmium content, and also plating thickness. Most common testing service providers are SGS and Intertek.

Tax Free Packaging Imports

We understand your concerns about import tax, as most packaging materials comes from China. Leave this to our CLL logistics team, we will take care of customs paperwork to ensure these packaging materials comes in tax-free.

Packing Services

We provide packing service at a small cost as part of our one stop service to you. Not only this, our packing team keeps records in our system of your packaging needs and steps, to avoid nightmares of packaging mistakes.

Packaging & Card Designs

With our experience in jewelry designs and handling of packaging materials over the years, we are able to provide free packaging and card designs at entry level.

Barcode & Label Printings

We also support you with our in-house barcode generator for basic price tags printings. This will reduce your costs and headaches for shipping labels from overseas and help our environment. Just send us your format needed, and we will do our best to match it.

Experienced with 3rd Party Inspection

If you need 3rd party inspection for your goods before shipment, we coordinate with the inspection party on inspection dates, get the goods ready, follow through on inspection day, and send you the inspection reports once complete.

Logistic Service

Worried about freight costs to your country? As we make worldwide shipments on daily basis, we are able to enjoy bulk discount packages from our logistic providers. We are more than happy to share this freight cost saving benefits with you, via our CLL courier accounts.